The most effective way to sell online powered by word of mouth

What do you sell ?
Are you trying to advertise an event?
We can get you the audience and sales.
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PilotBills is a service that enables small and large sellers put their products in front of buyers through the power of social media and personal contacts.
We have thousands of social media influencers ready to share your product and service with their contacts and followers.
**You determing how much you pay them for each sale they bring**

About Us

We're an e-commerce software company

Our Company

Samedayshop, Inc.

Samedayshop, Inc is based in Newark, Delaware.
Primarily a e-commerce software development company working on innovative ways to exponentialy increase the penetration of e-commerce activity in Nigeria.


We've built and Maintain



Founded in 2016

Samedayshop was founded in 2016 by
Prosper Onogberie. Before then, He'd played in the Nigeria's e-commerce service space since 2008 when he co-founded Flegz Integrated Services Ltd. one of Nigeria's first end-to-end online shopping aggregator.
As a skilled Programmer and Systems Designer, he went on to work as an IT consultant building web properties and leading various design and integration efforts at different multinationals.

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